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Massage types

For companies – massages in your office

By the agreement I ensure massages and more relaxing and regeneration services directly in your company or during the social, educational,enterteinment or sports events.I also offer my sevice for hotel guests, it´s possible directly at the hotel

For individuals

Massage can be booked by anyone!Don´t underestimate any pain, even the slightest spine pain or pain of back muscles.A little problem can be developed to the big inconvenience.It´s necessary to realize that single massage don´t heal your pain for long, spine and whole back should be exercised daily – I teach you and show you an exercises that will prevent difficulties.

Classical massage

This massage eliminates fatigue and strenghten regeneration of organism.It removes inertia, stiffness, bleeding and muscle pain.It helps to a better perfusion and venous blood and sap return from periphery to circulation centre.This massage requires harder and more progressive touches, which remove accumulated fatigue substances e.g. lactic acid in muscles.Full body massage is recomended, but most frequent is massage of back and neck.

Sports massage

It´s a neccesary complement to regeneration and preparation procedures for all fans of movement.As a part of the training process massage should be applied before sports performance or as a massage which eliminates tiredness after greater physical exertion.It can work in calming way or , contrarily, encourage the tired muscles to additional performance.A sports massage techniques are applied for muscle relaxation and blood circulation.Amount of energy masseur needs to remove tiredness and to relax the muscles depends on massaged one´s muscle equipment.Before the sports performance massage just complements not replaces the need to warm up.Massage is designed for sporty and healthy people,not for those who sometimes suffers from pain.In these cases it can be more harmfull then helpful.

Anti migraine massage

It´s a massage for removing and prevention of headache.During the massage there is a massive relieve of neck and facial muscles with the effect of acupressure points on the face and scalp using a specific effect of essential oils.Stress is most reflected in the neck, there´s a stiffening of muscles and compression of bloob vessels, which causes headache. Anti migraine massage helps by it´s relaxing and anti stresfull efects to prevent these problems.This massage is recomended at least once a week.

Massage as a therapeutic and preventive technique have a direct effects on human body, this cause a physical and bichemical changes in the tissues and also indirect, which are mediated by neural and indocrine system.The direct effects can include increased blood flow,improvement of edema absorption, effusions, haematomas, accelerating the elimination of substances causing fatigue, improve nutrition, improve the flow of lymph in the lymphatic circulations, improvement in muscle activity, increase or decrease muscle tone, disruption of adhesions in the tissues, rapid removal of surface layers of the calloused skin , increased secretion of sweat glands and normalize of skin tension. The result is an activitity improvement of tissues in the body and pain reduction. Irritation of nerve endings results production and delivery of biologically active substances (amines,endorphines), improving blood flow to the periphery, improving the exchange of CO2, O2 and nutrients in the tissues, thereby improving muscle perfusion and other tissues.It´s a prevention against bedsores and phlebitis of the lower limbs.It also promotes the healing process, absorption of haematomas and effusions and it prevents tissue´s shrinking in wound healing process.