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Pavel Dinčák

My name is PAVEL DINČÁK. I was born in Prague, CZE, Nov.5th, 1972 I have started my carrier in the massage profession since 1991, after I began my military service in the Dukla Prague´s army centre of top-performance sports where I worked at the rehabilitation line for 18 months. My daily working duty (apart from tens of massages) consisted in operating various electronic rehabilitation appliances (e.g., diadynamic currents, magnetic pulsation field, ultrasound, traction bench, etc.), sub-water massages (e.g., Habard bath, Jacuzzi whirlpool bath, tangentor, etc.) This rehabilitation line was used mainly by top-performance sportsmen, e.g., athletes – ROBERT ZMĚLÍK (Olympic winner in decathlon), TOMÁŠ DVOŘÁK (world champion in decathlon), JAN ŽELEZNÝ (several times world champion and Olympic winner in the javelin), as well as the football player PAVEL NEDVĚD, who were here also on his compulsory military service. After finishing my compulsory military service, I did not leave the Dukla Prague´s army centre because I was offered a job as a masseur at the premier league football team of Dukla Prague, where I was employed as the team masseur. Here I worked at the realization team up to the Dukla Prague fusion with a sports centre in Příbram . After some financial problems began at the sports club, I left, although I didn´t like it, the team. After I had obtained my trade license (TL), I won the competition for the job at a prestige fitness-centre, PATENIDIS FITNESS, where OLGA SIPKOVA (world champion in the sports aerobic) worked. She soon became a client of mine and put her CR representants (MDušek and L.Mašková, who she prepared for the Championship in the aerobic) into my care. Approximately after 18 months, I had such a confidence of the owner, GEORGIS PATENIDIS, that I was charged (appointed)the fitness centre leader during his other entrepreneurial activities. Currently, I am working as a masseur (TL) at an established relax centre in Prague 6, where I live.